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GRANATÉ Prêt is a line of luxurious day to cocktail garments for women, bringing artisanal artistry and strong femininity into a modern social and professional wardrobe.

Granaté Prét garments are intricate and timeless, combining couture details and luxury fabrics with ready-to-wear techniques. The pieces are designed to carry a woman through the many aspects of her multi-faceted life; allowing her to transition from day and work to cocktail hour. A Granaté piece accentuates the unique feminine strength and beauty each woman possesses.

The business model for this brand comprises Ready-to-Wear pieces, Made-to-Measure designs, and Custom pieces. The designs are sold through Boutique and trunk shows, pop-up shops, high-end art shows, and Vente Privée private home/office trunk shows.

With Granaté Prêt's exceptional quality and attention to detail, many of our discerning clients are passionately involved in the support of charitable organizations. To directly reach and serve clients, we often chooses events and sales venues that dedicate a portion of the proceeds to amazing causes; something of great importance to the brand.

Annina came to Fashion through her love for Historic costume, and many of her garments pay homage to the amazing techniques she studied while working in three historic costume collections. Annina's designs are rooted in the richness of history, with classic shapes that accentuate the human form; yet they also rise above the expected norms with intriguing features that stretch the imagination and elevate the spirit.

Creating collections based on her love for natural and luxurious textiles, her eye for line and form, and her background in custom couture work allows Annina to bridge the gap between Custom work and Ready-to-wear, filling a need for women's Made-to-measure designs.


Words. Poetry, Sagas and Tales. Nature's incredible designs...arabesque, curve, line, form, topography. Trees. The human Spirit. History. Scandinavian design. Scandinavian Nouveau. History of clothing. Heritage, Scotland, Paris, Bach, Mozart. So many things.

And especially the women I design for;

It is a huge honour to create the covering that women wear out into the world...the covering that allows them to advertise who they are, what they believe, what they do. The spirit inside every woman can be a powerful force for good in this world, and I love that my clothing can be a part of a woman expressing that in her daily life.

The Granaté woman is complex: intellectual and artistic, feminine and strong, rooted in the depth of the past, dwelling in the present, and branching out into her future.

It is the purpose of Granaté pieces to communicate the power of femininity and the grace of the multi-faceted lives women lead.

Annina's overarching design inspiration comes from a series of theological Writings by E. Swedenborg, especially those discussing nature of the Spirit, and the correspondences of every thing on earth with its spiritual counterpart. Creating meaning within good design is a lifelong search. Sometimes it's literal. Sometimes it's more subtle.


Annina opened her custom atelier Granaté Couture, LLC after completing her graduate studies. She has been creating custom garments, including bridal, tailoring, and cocktail/formal garments for women ever since. In addition to owning her business, Annina worked for several years for the House of Ptak, and has taugh sewing, handwork, pattern making and design to students ranging from 3rd grade through College credit level, as well as offering Couture workshops.

She currently teaches Drexel University, including their Couture and Corseted Evening wear, Tailoring, and Draping courses.

In 2013 Annina was chosen to become one of 6 Designers in Residence with the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator. During her year residency, she researched, formulated, and launched her luxury artisanal ready-to-wear line, Granaté Prêt. She now serves on the advisory board for this amazing organization, and is an alumni head for the Philadelphia Fashion Alliance.


After completing her high-school education with her final two years spent in A.S.P.I.R.E, (an innovative co-op form of schooling) Annina gained a Bachelor's Degree in History with an education emphasis from the Bryn Athyn College of the New Church. She then completed her Master's in Fashion Design from Drexel University*. Annina has studied at Maison Sapho in New York City, with the incredible genius Miss Alice Sapho, acquiring two certificates in French Dressmaking and advanced Design/ Tailoring. Her desire to learn led Annina to take masterclasses in Paris, with Arts of Fashion, where one of her looks she created in a class led by Anthony Vaccarello became the cover for the AOF's next year's advertising. She has enjoyed attending workshops on many subjects, with such phenomenal teachers as Pamela Ptak, among others.


*Annina believes in finding and showcasing the unique beauty each woman posesses, through fit, line, colour, textiles, and embellishment. When she graduated from Drexel University, her award-winning bridal collection featured girls and women aged 2 1/2 through 60+ years old, representing the gradual spiritual growth of wisdom throughout a woman's life. The embellishment on the garments moved from tiny seedling motifs on the children, through the bridesmaids, bride, mother of the bride, and culminating in the grandmother-of-the-bride, whose ensemble featured a tree and its seedtime/harvest motifs. The themes of tree growth and organic designs continue to hold significance in the designs of Granaté Prêt, rooted as they are in the spiritual concepts of so many cultures.


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Granaté Couture, LLC TM ,

Granatê Prêt

owned and designed by Annina King

Annina creates an artisanal line of luxury Ready-to-Wear that she sells at high end art and craft shows, boutique trunk shows, Vente Privée home or office trunk shows, pop-up shows, and by appointment.

She also does custom work for select clients.

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Text the word GRANATE to 22828 for news, inspiration, and events.

Text the word GRANATE to 22828 for news, inspiration, and events.